Accounts Software

Accounts Software Providing Specialist Accountancy

The use of accounting software will allow you to manage your business more easily. Small business management is never easy; many problems must be solved from all sides. Dealing with suppliers, customers, stocks and employees can cause you a headache! All these accounting problems can be solved with a simple account management software.

Accounts POS offers a wide range of easy-to-use functions to manage the accounting activities of your company. Help your sales staff close the deal immediately by reaching stock levels in real time that will not lose any sales. If the inventory appears in the system, it can be sold. The accounting department can track customer payments and ensure that they remain within the agreed terms. Storage and transportation departments can track raw material inventory levels and reorder in a long time. Up to automatic redial setting when the levels reach or are slightly below a certain amount.

Having a finger on the pulse in a business world accelerated today is a must. Companies that survive or die in sales and sales are earned or lost because they are critical. This means having the right answer at the right time for the client. How many times have customers lost because they have to wait for a phone call to respond to your request? With this program, you can increase your margins, profitability and commercial value simply by getting the answer immediately when the client requests it.

This program was developed by RPS, which has knowledge and experience in business accounting software solutions. They have developed commercial retail sales software as well as commercial hotel restaurant software; all adapted to the relevant commercial details.

The software is easy to use and with the option of adding additional modules that customize it for the individual needs of your business. Whatever the size of your company, this program will have the solutions you need. Again, regardless of the sector in which your company is located (retail, hospitality, services or manufacturing), the software can be personalized according to the requirements of your company. This customization means that you will not spend money on additional applications that you do not need. However, we understand that it is completely possible to change and develop your business, so there is always the option to buy additional parts of the software for this possibility.

In general, this program will allow you to perform a variety of tasks from a simple system. Including, among others, the monitoring of sales, the control of general expenses, the control of expenses of employees and the company, the control of salary expenses and the possibility of creating invoices and send them immediately. Then, you can organize all of your company’s finances in an easy-to-use program so that accountants can access them to set up monthly or quarterly accounts ready for your audits.

As everyone becomes more aware of the environment, the paperless office is the way to go. Any company that does not want or can not stop being without papers is likely to leave behind and lose valuable customers. This software is perfect for turning your office into a paperless office.